Apartment Cleaning

Tidy Ninjas is a professional cleaning company that specializes in unit turn cleaning for vacant apartment units!

Benefits of using Tidy Ninjas for your apartment turn cleaning include:

Tidy Ninjas is fully insured.

Tidy Ninjas is already set up with the following companies for vendor verification:

If your property management company uses a different vendor verification process we are sure we have all of the qualifications needed to become vendor verified quickly and easily!

We have extensive experience with cleaning vacant apartment units:

Apartment unit cleaning for property management companies is our specialty. We understand the importance of having your cleaning team be professional, punctual, flexible, and thorough when it comes to cleaning your vacant apartment units between tenants.

We have our own apartment unit turn cleaning checklist available or can use your company checklist if preferred.

Tidy Ninjas Can Also Help With Tough or Tricky Cleaning Situations

  • Rescheduling
  • Rush Cleans
  • Trash Outs

Cleaning Service Areas:

Below are some of the property management companies Tidy Ninjas is proud to work with:

  • Barker Property Management
  • BH Management
  • Bluestone Development
  • Cohen-Esrey Property Management
  • Elevate Property Management
  • Frontdoor Property Management
  • Goldmark Property Management
  • Greystar Property Management
  • Premier Property Management
  • Rent Cedar Valley

Things Tidy Ninjas Can't Clean

If you see a service below that we cannot offer, we would love to refer you to a local business that provides these services, just ask and we will connect you!

Outside Windows

We don’t carry equipment and aren’t insured for cleaning the outside windows. If there’s dirt or grime on the outside it may leave the inside windows looking dirty after we’ve left.

Carpet Cleaning

We don’t carry equipment for steam cleaning or carpet stain removal.


We do not offer painting services, but we would be happy to refer you to a local professional.

Debris/Trash Removal

Tidy Ninjas does not offer trash or debris removal services from vacant homes or apartment units.

Pest Control

We do not offer pest control services, but we would be happy to refer you to a local professional.

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