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How to save money when choosing a cleaning service

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Important factors when selecting a maid or janitorial service

You may be looking for commercial cleaning services for your property. You’ve come to the right spot. We’d love to show you how we can help you save money in the short term, intermediate, and long term with a high quality janitorial service in several areas of Iowa. In the below article we’ll talk about some of the important aspects of saving money and reducing overall costs in the long term for your infrastructure and related expenses. 

There are intangible effects of a quality cleaning service that are hard to plot as ROI when it comes to cost versus value, but these intangibles are very important too. We list some of those factors immediately below:

  • Professional aesthetics and attention to detail is important for customers in public facing spaces
  • Enhanced workflow and employee satisfaction, as well as unimpeded ability to do do their jobs thanks to a clean space
  • Reduction in allergies and illnesses – especially important after the various pandemic stages of recent years
  • Worker confidence in management increases as they see their interests are being prioritized
  • Reduction in strain on infrastructure

How you can benefit in the long term with substantial savings by using a professional cleaning service

The last item on the above list can be an important one. Over the life of business infrastructure, the tooling, building amenities and other aspects that are all part of the background of a physical business, can degrade unless properly maintained. This degradation can be costly and really doesn’t manifest in some systems until it’s too late.

Sometimes, property management or landlords handle these types of infrastructure cleaning concerns. Other times, a proactive business owner can save significantly in the long term by keeping things tidy in the workplace over time. We can work with commercial entities that need routine cleaning, and we can work with business owners that want to maintain their spaces as well – reach out if you want to see how we can help

Structural damage can be prevented, or remedied easily if caught early

Mold, mildew and bugs can cause problems over the long term. A commercial cleaning service can not only remedy the day to day implications of these concerns, but can alert you to bigger issues. A skilled team of professionals with the understanding of how moisture, termites, hornets, mold and other issues can hurt your asset values, can help you mitigate long term costs.

Furniture value can be maintained

Furniture can be depreciated over time from a taxation perspective. But the physical infrastructure of furniture can also degrade over time if it isn’t properly maintained. A highly skilled cleaning crew can ensure that furniture is maintained properly with the right cleaning agents, protective coatings and by minimizing dust, debris, These and other concerns that are both aestehtically unappealing, but also could damage the furniture can be solved with a proper cleaning regimen, generally. 

Customer satisfaction and Productivity can be enhanced

As stated above, while largely viewed as an intangible, customer satisfaction and worker productivity can be improved through the routine cleaning regimen, and with an uncluttered space. Over time, customer conversion improvement and worker productivity improvements, while difficult to quantify, can be seen easily. 

Ensuring you are getting what you are paying for with a commercial cleaning service

Are all cleaning services companies created equally? We do not believe so. We think we offer a compelling argument as the premier cleaning agency in the Midwest. We’d love to show you our comprehensive program for your commercial cleaning needs. 

You should be able to ask about and expect to get a comprehensive cleaning program from any commercial cleaning service company you are considering. Here are some concepts that should be considered when evaluating one for hire:

How much square footage do you need to have cleaned?

It’s important to factor in everything. But square footage is not created equally. Every space has nuances and specific characteristics. It’s important to get a detailed quote that factors in the space, but also all the other variables, too. If you have 4000 sq. ft. of open warehouse space, it should be billed differently than 4000 sq. ft. of office space with 200 cubicles. 

Remember, blanket quotes are generally a poor choice, and can lead to higher pricing over the longer term. Do your best to showcase your unique needs so a custom quote and program can be built for you using all the available information. Don’t settle for upcharges based on generic pricing formulas. 

What types of cleaning supplies make the most sense?

Do you have special considerations when it comes to the types of cleaning supplies that are used? First and foremost, don’t settle for cleaning services that use off the shelf products to clean commercial spaces – these companies try to save some costs by buying inferior products and may not be able to keep your space clean like it should be. Partner with a cleaning service that has experience and uses top quality products and cleaning agents.

Do you have a need for medical grade cleaning agents, special green formulations or other considerations that may not be available from some of the mainstream providers – make sure you tell your cleaning company that you need more than just the standard. A proper commercial cleaning service is preparing and executing a custom cleaning program made specifically for your needs.  

What frequency do you need from a cleaning service?

How often do you need cleaning services? Maybe it’s not just about emptying trash cans or vacuuming nightly. Maybe you need an alternating schedule for different tasks. With simple tasks, you can save money, but with alternative scheduling for deeper cleaning, you can yield better results. 

Wiping down services may now be more important than ever to decrease the chance of the spread of viruses and bacteria. It’s up to you to determine what types of services and how frequently you need them. We can help walk you through what businesses just like your use from a service level perspective if you need help understanding the task list items for a routine cleaning service. 

Have you compared them to other offers/services?

Are you getting enough of a scope of competitors? Have you compared online reviews, cleaning standards, and professionalism between the companies you are considering for your commercial cleaning needs? Do you get the same amount of checklist items from all cleaning companies? Does low price equal the same standard of cleaning? 

All of these questions should be considered before you sign a long-term contract. We believe we offer more for businesses that need a commercial cleaner. 

Do you need more than just basic services?

Floor stripping, heavy cleaning, light maintenance or at least notification of concerns that come up during normal cleaning. A great cleaning company offers services like these, and generally, you can expect some savings as you bundle with the company that provides yoru general cleaning services. Call us to see what we can offer your business

Ancillary benefits of using a commercial cleaning service

There are clearly benefits from a financial perspective, with a proper cleaning and maintenance stance. But those ancillary benefits should not be dismissed either. Whether they are intangibles like enhanced work productivity, or client satisfaction, these types of benefits add up too. 

Business owners and employees can also count on some or all of the following when working with a qualified cleaning service:

  • Reduced stress
  • A hygienic space
  • Expert knowledge that can enhance long-term ROI
  • Time and money savings when comparing apples to apples
  • Better resale value or usable lifecycle from assets that are properly cleaned and maintained

We believe we can offer all the above listed benefits to the businesses in our local service areas. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service, we’d love to show you why our customers are so pleased with what we offer.


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