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What can I do to prepare for my cleaning service?

De-Cluttering is helpful!

Your cleaner is there to spend their time cleaning your rental or commerical property. If you purchased a 4 hour service and they are spending the first hour picking up clothes or doing dishes, they will be spending less time doing the precious cleaning services you are paying for. They also might not know where to put your belongings. If you have belongings on counter tops or furniture or on the floor, take a little time to clear them away before the cleaner arrives

Make a list or leave a note for the cleaner with any specifics you would like done, and prioritize them!

Your cleaner loves details and notes! This is valuable information for them. If you would like to prioritize the floors and baseboards or would like them to make sure they dust the blinds, leave them a note or a list so they know what you are looking to get done during your cleaning window. You can also input these notes right into the booking page comments section and we will pass them along to the cleaner before they arrive.

Do I need to be at my property for my cleaning? 

No, as long as we have a way to get into the property you don’t have to be present for the cleaning. Whether it be a gate code, lock box, or key under the mat, we’ll be able to get in, clean and get out while you’re at work or out shopping! We’ll even lock up when we’re done. If there are pets on the premise and you are not present, make sure to let us know through an email or in the comments section of your booking so we know what to expect and where they are kept on the property.


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