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How Should I Choose a Cleaning Service?

Hire cleaners who get the job done to your satisfaction!

Read on to learn what you should look for in a commercial or rental property cleaning service.



Your cleaning service should carry commercial insurance and also be bonded.

You can rest assured that Tidy Ninjas is both insured and bonded. Many people hire cleaning people off of Craigslist or through friends who don’t have insurance and there isn’t any coverage in place in case property were to get a damaged or bodily injury or property damage takes place on your premises. We don’t love to think about insurance every day, but Tidy Ninjas is prepared so you can breathe easy.



Franchised cleaning companies might send you a new cleaner every time.

Tidy Ninjas wants your cleaning professional to get to know your space. That means we send the same cleaner every time. This means they know your space and your cleaning needs much more clearly than a new person you have to explain to every time you have a recurring cleaning. You also will get to know them as a person and develop some rapport, they might even get to know your furry friends! If you have a large property or space we might send a cleaning team, but most of the time you will have one cleaning professional.


Quality of Service

When you pay for a cleaning service, you expect to be satisfied with the results. That is why Tidy Ninjas puts quality first by using their Three Tiered Quality Approach:
  1. Quality of Team Members: We only hire team members who have cleaning experience and have been professionally background checked.
  2. Quality of Cleaning Products: Our team members use quality cleaning products – we are also open to your preferences for cleaning products. If you have any preferences you can provide that information on the Comments area of the Booking Page when you schedule your cleaning. Your Tidy Ninja will also get to know which products you prefer to be used in your own in your properties as you build a rapport with them.
  3. Quality of Customer Service: We want to know that you enjoyed your cleaning service and that you are 200% satisfied. We call to talk to you in person as well as send you a review that is easy to fill out directly after your cleaning takes place. We are always here for you to ask questions or share your concerns or experiences.


Fast Booking and Easy Payment Options

If you need to book your cleaning service from your cell phone on your lunch break, look for a cleaning service that offers online booking.


Booking Tool with Live Calendar

Tidy Ninjas offers an amazingly cool online booking tool that allows you to book your cleaning in 60 seconds. You can zoom through the booking page without being prompted to have someone call you for an estimate or wait to find out when the next time slot is available. You can actually see the available booking times on our live booking calendar on the booking page. Once you book with Tidy Ninjas, you also have the ability to send us notes to change your booking date, add a service, add notes or comments, or update your payment method. It’s pretty slick!


Electronic Payments

Tidy Ninjas’ booking tool collects your payment information through our secure and encrypted booking page using your credit card. We only charge your credit card later in the day after the cleaning has taken place. We put a hold on your credit card the day before the cleaning takes place to confirm funds are available. Our booking system will alert us if funds are not available so we can reach out to see if you would like to use another method of payment. You can even tip your cleaning professional using the booking tool. You can also be assured your cleaner will receive 100% of the electronic tip you leave them. This means you don’t have to run to the ATM the day before (or of) your cleaning or use a check to pay your cleaner. Tidy Ninjas does charge a cancellation fee of $50.00 if you cancel without reason and do not reschedule your service within 48 hours of the service.


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