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What Does Commercial Cleaning Consist Of

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What Does Commercial Cleaning Consist Of

Despite the nature of business and type of industry, it is integral for every company to prioritize cleanliness and maintain a professional workplace environment. Even in the age of the hybrid work environment, the last thing organizations should do is abandon high cleaning standards.

Of course, on the surface, cleaning comes across as a daunting task. And when office spaces are bigger and highly structured, cleaning gets even more complicated. Fortunately, this is where professional commercial cleaning services come into play.

Established businesses understand how much commercial cleaning can improve the productivity of employees. Remember, it is more than just about the clean aesthetics of your business – it’s about maintaining the health and well-being of everyone in the office.

Now to further make the case for commercial cleaning let’s dive into its importance, role, benefits, use, and type of services businesses can avail:

Importance of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Company

In the post COVID-19 world, maintaining a safe and clean work environment should be a top priority. Once you opt for a reliable, experienced, and professional commercial cleaning service, you will realize how effectively and safely you can manage business operations.

In fact, you can count on commercial cleaning companies like Tidy Ninjas to keep your office disinfected and germ-free. It is vital to understand that commercial cleaning is more than just taking out the trash and mopping the floors. Today, commercial cleaning service companies use a wide range of cleaning tools, products, and techniques to ensure a deep clean of your space.

Essential Types of Commercial Cleaning

General Cleaning

General Cleaning involves light cleaning and covers office areas and buildings, apartment buildings, and retail buildings. In fact, any office area that has an entrance, bathrooms, hallways, and mailrooms used by customers and employees requires general cleaning. Although it depends on the foot traffic of the business, general cleaning takes place regularly on a set schedule.

Specialty Janitorial Services

Janitorial services cover specialty business areas that include floor buffing, floor stripping and waxing, and window washing. It also includes equipment cleaning used in the restaurant kitchens. Like general cleaning, this type of cleaning service occurs regularly. Remember that general cleaning can occur 5 times a week in traditional office buildings where employees work a 9-5 schedule. However, window washing can take place each quarter and carpet cleaning once a year.

Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is a specialized service for newly constructed buildings or renovated buildings. Typically, post construction cleaning occurs in three phases. It starts with a rough cleaning, then moves to the thorough cleaning stage, and ultimately moves up to the white glove stage.

What Type of Services You Can Expect from Commercial Cleaners?

Opting for a comprehensive commercial cleaning company means you get to have numerous services. For starters, you can get general cleaning that involves daily light cleaning. On the other hand, specialized janitorial services include floor stripping, waxing, buffing, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning.

You can also hire a commercial cleaning for emergency services such as cleaning up water intrusion and make fire remediation and or damage repairs. In addition, you can also get post construction cleaning and hazardous material (haz-mat) cleaning from a commercial cleaning service company.

Reasons and Benefits to Hire a Commercial Cleaner for Business Owners

Advanced Equipment

Most businesses just have an old-school broom and a few dusters and depend on their general cleaning staff. Businessowners need to seek out commercial cleaning services who have specialized cleaning equipment for floors, windows, and carpets. In a tech-driven world, commercial cleaners now use state-of-the-art cleaning products, equipment, and tools to provide the best possible service.

Save Time

One of the main reasons and benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is to save time. After all, your staff is employed to take care of specific responsibilities and may not feel comfortable undertaking a long list of cleaning tasks. Whether or not you’re busy, you can count on a commercial cleaner to do a professional job.

Increased Employee Productivity

One of the advantages to using a commercial cleaning company is to maintain and increase employee productivity. With dust all over the office space, employees are bound to get annoyed. But working in an aesthetically beautiful and clean environment, employees will be happier and healthier. This will lead to higher levels of productivity.

Reliability and Consistency

One of the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company is you are using trained cleaning professionals. In fact, a reliable commercial cleaning company uses its own insured equipment to render cleaning services on the site. When it comes to commercial cleaning, consistency makes all the difference and the reliability of a commercial cleaner is bound to impact your business positively.

Save Short-term and Long-term Costs

According to the CDC, US employers, on average lose over $225 billion per year due to work-related injuries and illnesses. Having a clean workplace will only help to create a clean foundation for your employees which will leave them with one less thing to worry about- they can focus on doing their job correctly and with the utmost focus.

With increased employee productivity and non-disruptive business operations, businessowners can save a lot of money through commercial cleaning services. In fact, Businessowners are often surprised to find out the short-term and long-term benefits of maintaining a beautiful and clean office environment.

More Service Options and Customizations

Most business owners now realize and recognize that opting for a reliable commercial cleaning service agency is the best way to avoid frequent sick leaves and the spread of contagious diseases. A commercial cleaning service company also gives businesses more service options. Most businesses opt for customized services from commercial cleaning agencies.

What Does it Take to Hire a Commercial Cleaner?

The process to hire a commercial cleaning service is simpler than most business owners realize. Today, most commercial cleaning companies send out an official representative to assess the area of business. After a walkthrough, an expert commercial cleaner collects and reviews information around the business property and addresses issues.

At this stage, commercial cleaners measure spaces to get a sense of the time it will take to clean the entire office space. After that, a commercial cleaning service agency offers an estimate that aligns with the work scope. Commercial cleaning companies also provide a cleaning checklist that includes general tasks, a timeframe of cleaning, and specialized cleaning tasks. Ultimately, a commercial cleaning service agency creates, agrees, and signs a formal contract with insurance requirements, equipment, supplies, and scope of work to start cleaning services.

Final Thoughts

With a competent and experienced commercial cleaning service company, you can cut out disease-causing bacteria and germs from your workplace. With the right company, commercial cleaning can become something you can breeze through everyday. Make sure to hire a professional cleaning company that understands your needs and expectations and caters to your clients and employees.

With Tidy Ninjas, you can expect a variety of benefits and top-tier commercial cleaning services. Reach out to us and book your appointment right now.


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